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We are movers in OKC and we love it! If you are moving your home around the Oklahoma City area, we want to be your choice movers. We have no rookie movers and we focus on full white glove moving, basically, we are the best of the best. I promise to deliver the best. ~Nick L. | Owner of NL Moving


The city can be challenging moving into or out of apartments. Street laws, stairs, small spaces to move around. We get it and we know how it’s done right.


Office moving is tough. Finding lots of quotes, trusting the team, balancing price with quality of the movers. Reach out to us to get you an office or commercial moving quote. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Our reviews speak for themselves!



It’s finally the big day and you’re ready to move! Rest assured that we have your back, front and both sides covered. We are excited to be here to help you move on to this next chapter in your life. Here are some tips that can help your moving day go more smoothly and successfully.

  • Have all vehicles out of the driveway or garage before NL Moving arrives.
  • Have boxes taped top & bottom so they are secure.
  • Less loose items, the quicker the move can go.
  • Have children away from the house for the day or time period of the move if possible.
  • Do not schedule other companies such as cable companies and furniture delivery during the move hours if possible.
  • Make sure refrigerator is empty of all items.

Being 100% ready will make your move faster and more efficient!

No last man packing!

Why trust NL Moving Company?

NL Moving company is a family owned and operated business spanning many years of prompt and trustworthy service. We have 24 hour / 7 day a week quality movers available right here in Oklahoma City.