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Neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, OK

Neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, OK

There are many reasons why moving to Oklahoma City is not a bad idea. I mean, the city’s charming atmosphere, weather, cost of living, cost of housing, and diverse culture are everything you want your new home to be. You’ll also love the energetic population of students and graduates from Oklahoma City University and Oklahoma Baptist University and enjoy visiting the Oklahoma City Museum and other local attractions.

So, whether you’re a millennial looking for a stable career, a family looking for affordable housing, or an ambitious and hoping to launch a startup, Oklahoma City is the place to be. But you’re probably also wondering where you’ll call home. Which side of the city will you live in? What Oklahoma City neighborhoods best fit you?  If that’s the case, here is a look at the best of OKC’s neighborhoods in no particular order. 

Deer Creek

The neighborhood of Deer Creek sits northwest of downtown Oklahoma City. It was founded in 1921 as a new school district and has since grown into a thriving community. The neighborhood stays true to its educational roots and is home to exemplary schools that provide its children with a superb education. 

There are eight schools in the district, including one high school, two middle schools, and five elementary schools, serving around 4,000 students from the neighborhood. The education offered is so good that the district has brought home national awards for high academic performance every year. 

Thus, Deer Creek is the best option if you have children and want them to get the best education available. 

The Paseo

If you are the idyllic, romantic type, The Paseo has all the charm you need to enjoy Oklahoma City. This neighborhood was designed after a Spanish village and is the most artistic in the city. It was founded in the 1920s and underwent several incarnations before it was revitalized in the seventies as the city’s art headquarters. 

Currently, The Paseo is home to 20 galleries and studio spaces that display the works of more than 80 artists. And that is despite the neighborhood being relatively smaller and more compact than other Oklahoma City districts. There are also a couple of charming restaurants and the Old trinity of Paseo, which is Oklahoma’s oldest church. 

No two houses are alike in The Paseo, and it’s the ideal neighborhood if;

  • You own or work in an art studio 
  • You enjoy exploring new things and ideas.

Lakeshore Estates I and II

Those who dream of beautiful sunsets on a beach have a hard time moving to Oklahoma City. And that’s because we have no beach. But, OKC’s Lakeshore Estates might have a good enough solution to that. 

Sitting peacefully in north Oklahoma City, these estates border Lake Hefner and are a couple of hundred meters from a lighthouse. Residents of the 400 homes enjoy walking, running, and biking along peaceful trails by the lake and dining in some of OKC’s best restaurants.

Buying a home here won’t be as easy, and you may have to outbid some fierce competition. But if you do, the living experience here is worth it, especially if you enjoy nature. 

Automobile Alley

This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. If the name sounds a little too interesting, it’s because the district was once home to the city’s most prestigious car showrooms and dealerships. Today, Automobile Alley is part of the National Register of Historic Places. 

But perhaps its biggest appeal is its vibrant nightlife. It’s a neighborhood of neon lights and has some of the trendiest nightclubs, wine bars, and brewpubs. Every month, the neighborhood erupts into celebration during the Auto Alley Shop Hop.

Automobile Alley is a good home for young urban professionals looking for affordable housing, good food, and great bars for some fun. 


 Bricktown is another great neighborhood for those who love their fun. It is the city’s entertainment district and has a vibrant nightlife that probably surpasses that of Automobile Alley. There are many bars, shows, eateries, and shopping areas that attract people from all over the city and the state to the neighborhood. 

Bricktown is home to the city’s basketball team, Oklahoma City Thunder, who play at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. The arena also hosts comedy shows, although it’s more alive than ever when residents come in crowds to cheer on the pride of the city. 

If you’re worried about insecurity during the busy NBA playoffs, you’ll be reassured by the strong police presence that keeps crime levels low. The neighborhood is, thus, good for singles and young professionals who want to have a good time as they build their careers. Families also enjoy easy access to the city’s schools, meaning education is not a problem for the district’s kids.  

Deep Deuce

Deep Deuce borders the downtown area of Oklahoma City.  From the 1920s to the 1940s, the neighborhood had one of Oklahoma’s largest African American communities, giving it a rich African American history. During that era, it was the district with the finest jazz musicians in the state.  

However, the early Deep Deuce community was dispersed by the expansion and construction projects for the city. By the 60s, the neighborhood had become the place to be for upwardly mobile businessmen and women. 

Today, Deep Deuce boasts excellent low-rise apartment buildings and condos. In addition, it’s enjoying a renaissance that has given it hometown shops, art venues, and thriving restaurants.  

Nichols Hills

G.A Nichols established Nichols Hills in 1929. The founder was a real estate mogul, and today, Nichols Hills is a luxurious neighborhood by all means and definitions.  There are strict maintenance rules, the houses are breathtaking with stunning curbs, and residents enjoy exclusivity. It’s so premium that the average home in the district is valued at a whopping half a million dollars.

Today, Nichols Hills spans over 1280 acres and is home to around 4000 people. The residents enjoy their own police and fire departments and exclusive access to premium boutiques, coffee shops, and state-of-the-art fitness centers. 

It’s the ideal neighborhood if you enjoy your privacy, have the money to spend on the finer things in life, or are looking forward to putting your huge (like really huge) retirement fund to luxurious use. 

Uptown 23rd

If you’re a young person looking for a vibrant Oklahoma City neighborhood, Uptown 23rd is one of the places to be. Over the past decades, this district has enjoyed rapid economic development and attracts an energetic university population from Oklahoma City University. There is also a steady flow of tourists who come to see the historic Tower Theatre and enjoy delicacies at various eateries in the neighborhood.

Top Neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City is home to a lot of excellent neighborhoods. So many that the above list barely scratches the surface of the best neighborhoods to live in the city. Other neighborhoods include Plaza District (home to the iconic Plaza Theatre), Asian District, Western Avenue District, Stockyards City, Boathouse District, Crown Heights, Flatiron District, and Oklahoma City’s Adventure District.

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